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For more than 30 years, through various publications, Editions Rosdal has taken the lead to promote the image of the islands of Saint- Martin and Saint-Barthélemy.

The pages of Discover Magazines, both a high-end publication and a product showcase, have offered new experiences of discovery and constantly renewed dream images, throughout thirty years of publication in Saint-Martin and twenty in Saint-Barthélemy.

The strength of Discover Magazines, developed by a team of professionals in collaboration with the very best photographers, derives from the quality and purity of the images and layout, giving the publication a luxurious and simple elegance. As they peruse our 176 pages filled with thoroughly researched and innovative articles, casual readers and future clients from around the globe explore our two islands, discovering all the stores, boutiques, hotels, restaurants and other services judiciously placed throughout the magazines. Discover Magazine, an island institution, represents a valuable business partner for your advertising and promotion. With a well-earned reputation for luxury and quality, the image and renown that it enjoys offer an undeniable advantage to our advertisers.

Attractive, classy and informative, Discover Magazine represents 135 000 copies available to visitors year-round in hotels and other strategic locations.

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A prestigious sales showcase The islands of Saint Martin

Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy have always been synonymous with luxury and refinement throughout the world.
This has not escaped the attention of the most prestigious jewelers, renowned designers and high-end brands. Breguet, Bvlgari, Roberto Coin, Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Piaget among others, are proud to maintain a luxury showcase on these Caribbean shores. Discover Magazines reflect that luxury and enhance it with colorful articles.


Highlighting restaurants and French gourmet cuisine

Every year the reputation of French gourmet cuisine draws thousands of food connoisseurs to our islands. We are famous for being “la Petite France” in the Caribbean Sea and for attracting the best French chefs to our shores. The importance of French cuisine to the tourist sector has not been lost on Discover Magazines and it is a prominent feature of each of our publications. Our writers produce fascinating articles on local restaurateurs and their specialties that combine French cuisine with local savors and spices, illustrated with photos of mouthwatering dishes in dream settings.

The best chefs and the finest restaurants are all featured in Discover Magazine. Some 600 restaurants in total trust us to communicate their excellence and 95% renew that trust every year.


Hotels, Resorts and Luxury Villas

SSaint-Martin, Sint-Maarten and Saint-Barthelemy symbolize the ultimate escape to an idyllic locale. For a weekend, a week or often longer, visitors seek to forget their familiar daily surroundings. The sumptuously illustrated articles, infomercials and advertisements of Discover Magazine highlight and enhance the decor of these magical places designed to surpass the expectations of the most demanding clientele. If you are featured in Discover Magazine, you will be SEEN, READ ABOUT and NOTICED.

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All year long, the hotels on Saint-Martin & Saint- Barthélemy as well as the hotels and Time-Share apartments on the Dutch side distribute copies of Discover Magazine to their guests. In addition, paperback editions are placed in hotel reception areas for guests to take home with them. All our visitors, whether they are tourists or business travelers, discovering the islands for the first time or returning as regulars, love to know what’s going on, to feel the pulse of the place where they are staying.

Saint Martin-Sint Maarten represents:

  • 1 501 hotel rooms on the French side
  • 3 840 hotel rooms + time-shares on the Dutch side
  • 500 rental villas
  • 2 167 303 tourists per year arriving by air and by sea

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Discover magazine, international exposure


Building on our success at home and our position as Foremost Magazine on the island of Saint-Martin, Discover Magazine is spreading overseas. Discover Magazine now features prominently in the annual trade shows that draw professionals from the tourist sector to international shows from New York to Munich, as well as Deauville.

Discover magazine, distribution


The boutiques, restaurants and other businesses that advertise in the annual publication are supplied regularly with copies to distribute to their customers. Every week, a dedicated team ensures renewal of the supply. Offering all articles in both English and French, Discover Magazine appeals to the widest possible readership.