Traveling to St. Barths

Saint Barthélemy
Preparing my Trip

There are several different ways to travel to St. Barths, the main one being by plane. Because of how small the St Barthelemy Gustaf III Airport air strip is, larger international airplanes cannot land and you’d therefore need to land at the international airport located on the island of St. Martin. There you can take the 10-minute flight on either Winair or St Barth Commuter. You can also fly in from Guadeloupe.

You can also travel to St. Barth’s by boat, whether it be a private yacht, charter boat or ferry. The island boasts many marinas and docks. The high-speed Voyager ferry can be caught from the neighboring island of St. Martin, operating several times a day to and from the island.

You will need a passport to travel to and from St. Barth’s as it is a French island. A tourist visa is not required to enter the island, but a return ticket is required unless you are of French nationality.