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For each and every one of us and in many different ways, the past two years have been extremely difficult, complicated and unprecedented. We have had to adapt to a new way of living, to learn new habits, to overcome the enormous problems created by the Covid-!9 crisis while remaining positive and drawing on our capacity to bounce back. On Saint Martin-Sint Maarten, this was nothing new. Long before the global pandemic and the upheavals it created, the residents of this island had mastered the art of making the most of the life available to them after devastating events. Every year, the island and its inhabitants face the threat of hurricanes, and when a disaster strikes, islanders’ natural sense of solidarity and resilience gives them the energy and the will to repair, reconstruct, start over and continue to move ahead. Together and in spite of the challenges, Saint-Martiners rise again, stronger every time.

The beauty of the island is indestructible. Its natural environment is sublime and unique, its population diverse and welcoming, its culture rich in history, reflecting the history of its people. No one remains indifferent to Saint Martin-Sint Maarten. Its charm has earned it the nickname of the Friendly Island, as it envelops every visitor in a sensation of instant wellbeing.
In this 34th edition of Discover Magazine you will find only positive stories. It is a resilient Discover for the times. Talented residents, stunning landscapes, a glimpse of the history of the island, colorful images … An edition that showcases, as we do every year, our island, its beauty and its diversity

L’équipe de Discover St. Martin

Discover’s Team

Directeur de la publication
Guy Rosa
Directeur commercial
William Rosa
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Thomas Proust
Stéphanie Leroy
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SNC Rosdal Saint Martin

Les contributeurs

Charlotte Reville | Rolan Richardson
Kay Bourlier
Thomas Proust | Steph Deziles | Christian Mansana | Grégory Rohard | Donovane Tremor


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