Getting Around in St. Barths

Saint Barthélemy
I am on the island

The main mode of transportation on St. Barth’s is by car, but scooters, motorcycles and 4-wheelers share the road as well. The roads on St. Barth’s may be a little narrower and steeper than you may be used to as they wrap around the island’s mountainous terrain.

Remember to have a valid driver’s license when driving on either side of the island. Make sure to follow the rules of the road on the island, which include wearing your seat belt and not talking on the phone or texting while driving.

You can very well walk around St. Barth’s Gustavia area, where most of the island’s shopping and restaurants are located, but you’ll need a vehicle to get to other parts of the island. Car rental companies including Top Loc Rentals and Budget Rent a Car can be found at the Port of Gustavia or at the airport.

Taxis, private drivers and tour buses are also available at your service and can be reserved at your hotel, online or at the ferry terminal and airport on site.