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Our overseas territories offer a wealth of diversity; geographic, biological, cultural and economic. Today, however, a lot of this wealth is threatened by climate change. The specific characteristics of French overseas zones makes them especially sensitive to environmental factors and we know that island environments are the most vulnerable. Their ecosystems are extremely sensitive to temperature and a change of just one or two degrees can lead to the whitening of coral and threaten the survival of native species.

The island of St Martin-Sint Maarten is situated within the tropical belt, where the effects of climate disturbance are the most concentrated. Here, residents and visitors are directly confronted by the consequences of climate change on a daily basis. Hurricanes are becoming stronger and their effects more catastrophic, periods of drought are longer and more intense… On the island, many associations and organizations are working to preserve the natural environment. Three of them explained to us what they are doing and described the visible, positive effects they are achieving. They gave us some advice on how each individual can make a difference. By taking “small” steps, each of us can contribute to significant change.

This 33rd edition of Discover Saint-Martin also presents portraits of various island personalities. Artist, gardener, entrepreneur, musician, our pages illustrate the diversity and wealth of talent to be found on our island. And every year we take genuine delight in introducing you to the people who live and work here. Whether they were born on the island or have recently arrived, they have one important thing in common: their unconditional love of St Martin. Unique, lively and welcoming, St Martin is beautiful and it is our duty to protect that beauty.

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